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Hi All. We want to make a communicate to clarify some doubts and to warn you about possible risks regarding USDT and Bitfinex Exchange:


  1. Lately we’ve been receiving a lot of messages asking about the sense of holding USD in our funds.

Holding USD in the funds is just a way to say “We’re temporarily out of the market”. When the bear comes, being out of the market it’s a big advantage, because you don’t lose anything (just the anual USD inflation), and more importantly, you will have the possibility to rebuy at much lower prices than you sold.

Some people also say “Why don’t you use those USD to invest in stock market, bonds, forex, shorting altcoins, etc”. The answer is simple, a lot of work for a little reward. Cryptocoin markets offer BY FAR the biggest return opportunities in the financial world. Who cares about losing a 3-4-5% for inflation by holding USD or another FIAT, when you’ll be able to rebuy coins at discounted prices and get 200-500-1000% returns later?


  1. Very important: We encourage you to do NOT hold any USDT nor USD in Bitfinex Exchange. For the moment everything works fine, but there are some signs that indicate possible risks of losing money here. USDT is having regulation problems and Bitfinex is behaving strange lately.

Again, this doesn’t mean anything, but we always prefer to prevent than to suffer the bad consequences later.



BMC team