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Hi everyone,

First of all, I would like to apologize for my long absence without warning the BMC followers about it. I’m not gonna go deep in details, but the reasons have been purely on the personal basis: big lifestyle changes in a short period of time, some law issues, emotional deceptions and involvement in super interesting non-crypto related projects. All this, added to the extreme level of bullshit & nonsense crypto sector had at that time, with obvious “innovative” scam projects valued at tens of millions popping day & night, made me react in the “fuck that crap, I’m out” way. Not the way to do things, but you know, sometimes it’s hard to control your impulses, especially after becoming a new-rich 22 year-old kid.

Said that, I’m gonna proceed to explain what can we can expect about my general thoughts and the future of BMC:

After taking a look back into what BMC achieved (big community, market influence, nice network effect) with just a shitty WordPress website and a mediocre trader sharing his portfolio & thoughts with non acceptable language, demonstrates that this sector, (and the world in general), is hungry for authenticity and transparency above all other factors.

The problem with BMC, stated many times, has been the extreme dependency of just 1 person sharing it’s ideas & portfolios. That provokes too biased opinions inside the community, as everyone tends to agree or directly follow the “leader” without doing any research or think for oneself, amongst other problems such as idolize him when market goes up and blame him when goes down.

BMC original, (and still) objective was to help people to win big money in this incipient sector, but more importantly, to formate them during the process and developing personal investing & finance skills, needed in all areas of life, unless you wanna be a salary working slave forever.

Back in the pursuit of this objective, we are going to expand the BMC concept into a whole new level. We are developing a new website/app that will allow this to happen. Everyone will be able to share their portfolios, thoughts & reports in real time, not only Frank PM. Since people, and especially the good traders, are always reticent to show their true portfolios for various reasons, we’re going to incentive them in a big way to do it.

Obviously, BMC platform cannot be just like another portfolio management app. We are going to generate a huge competitive environment with constant trading tournaments of all types. The TOP traders will be rewarded with nice prizes and more importantly, with the reputation of being one of the PROVED TOP traders in the world. Because yeah, I think everyone is a bit tired of all these “experts” and “gurus” out there that don’t even show a single position they hold.

But as said before, not only the top traders will be incentivized to share their portfolios, also the educational content creators, reports creators, content creators will be rewarded in a nice way by sharing their knowledge to the community. Because remember, It’s not only about following your favorite trader blindly, but to actually develop yourself.

At the end, this will end into a WIN-WIN situation: Good traders will have the opportunity to show their abilities to the world and win nice money, content creators will be paid to share their knowledge and expand their reputation brand, and the final user will be able to access to a whole new level of transparent and proven trading help information like it has never seen before, at a very very low cost.

More details about the project will be coming in the coming days & weeks. We’re developing it 24 hours a day to bring it to life by 1st January of 2019. You can join our new telegram group and make proposals you would like to be seen in the platform here:



As it used to be, I will try to post a weekly report about my general trading thoughts each Sunday, first coming this Sunday. In the meanwhile, I will also publish some of my thoughts about interesting topics such as regulations, tokenomics, hype, behind the scenes & general thoughts of life. bluemagic.info will be closed the day BMC platform goes live.

I know some were waiting for the report, but that will come in Sunday as always. In general terms, I can say that I’m almost into a full fiat position since we broke the 10K $ BTC level for second time back in march, and NOT planning to enter soon, for the reasons that I will expose in the next post. Situation right now it’s far from being optimal to invest in a big way (unless it’s for short term trading, which I don’t recommend).

Also, if there’s still someone following the funds in the website STOP IT. They’ve been forgotten a long time ago and their components are very outdated. We’ll remove them in the coming days, sorry.

Frank PM