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1. What is Blue Magic Capital?
Blue Magic Capital is an investment company specialized in blockchain based digital assets, founded by the successful blockchain investor Frank PM, known to achieve annualized returns of over +1.000% since 2014.

2. What offers Blue Magic Capital?
The company will start managing three hedge funds with a different risk profile. All the investments will be related to the blockchain sector.

Additionally, Blue Magic Capital will offer a nice database of investing knowledge for free, and a special program to train the future managers of the company.

3. Investments are guaranteed?
NO. All the funds managed by Blue Magic Capital are considered as venture capital investments. The risk is high, but returns are much bigger than in conventional hedge funds.

4. How can I invest?
You’ll be able to invest easily when there’s a good infrastructure to do so. It still may take about 6-12 months to get the Blue Magic funds in a reliable investment platform and to go live for the common public. We’ll be releasing news when the time is right.
Nevertheless, funds performance will be live and public since 1st January 2017. Experienced investors can actually be part of the company by copying the configuration of the portfolios in their accounts.
You can also be a private investor since the launch in 1st January 2017, even before the investing platform goes live to the public. If you are interested, contact directly with us.

5. Is this legal?
Fund management of blockchain digital assets is not regulated by any government of the world, and won’t be regulated anytime soon. We are working in a decentralized “no-law” environment.

6. So how can I trust you?
That is one of the main concerns associated with working in a “no-law” environment. By investing in us, you are essentially trusting us. We can guarantee you that Blue Magic Capital is a fully honest company, but we know that is not enough to say it.

For that reason, we are waiting for a reliable platform to launch the hedge funds to the public. Once the platform gets released, all legal issues will be addressed to the platform company, that will be “legal-friendly”. Blue Magic Capital will only act as a fund manager and promotion company.

7. What does it mean “price per share” in the funds?
Price per share is calculated by dividing the (Net Asset Value of the fund / total shares of the fund). When you invest in our fund X, you buy shares of the fund X. Price per share is the current price that you will have to pay to get a share of the fund. Price per share essentially shows the performance of the fund. If the assets of the fund grow a +5% in value, price per share will also grow a +5%.